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 Office of Research Safety (ORS)
 Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories
 NIH rDNA Guidelines
 American Biological Safety Association
 Shipping Biological Materials DO NOT Ship without Training (PDF)
 Regulated Medical Waste Guidance

Select Agent List (PDF)

CDC Select Agent
Program (SAP)

Connecticut Department of Public Health (CT DPH) Forms and Checklists

  • There are (many) other requirements for working with proliferating Select Agents.
  • For an overview (PDF) of the CT DPH registration process you can read this summary.
  • Instructions (PDF) for filling out the CT DPH Registration form.
  • The CT DPH Registration form (Word doc) needs to be filled out in order to register. Don't sign it until you are with a notary public. Questions? Ask the BSO. Send  the completed hard copy form in to the BSO.
  • You can have the same checklist (PDF) that the State Inspector uses to inspect your lab to prepare for the inspection. Don't fill it out, it's not part of the application.
  • If you're working at BSL-2 with animals (ABSL-2), you can have the same checklist (PDF) the State Inspector uses to inspect this kind of laboratory.
  • One thing that is supposed to be posted in the lab is a procedure for cleaning up a spill of biological materials. This is a generic procedure (PDF) for a good sized spill.
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