Laboratory Safety

Training Sessions

OSHA Bloodborne Disease Training Tuberculosis GHS (Globally Harmonized System)
DOT/IATA Training Laboratory Safety Training Radiation Safety Lectures 

OSHA Bloodborne Disease Training

Initial Training
Every employee potentially exposed to human blood and other potentially infectious material (as described by the Health Center's Exposure Control Plan) must complete this training prior to accomplishing any task presenting such a potential exposure risk. These exposure determinations are made by the supervisor.

For new employees, the initial Health Center Bloodborne Pathogen Training is completed as part of UConn Health Orientation provided by the Organization and Staff Development Office. Once this initial requirement has been met, completion of an annual Refresher Session is mandatory. Instructions on how to access the Annual Refresher Computer Based Training (for Hospital Staff only).

Researchers need to take the Refresher Annual Bloodborne Pathogen Training PowerPoint presentation on our website. Please review the slides and print/sign and date the certificate at the end of the presentation and send to Research Safety MC390.

WARNING: Employees must not perform tasks with potential exposures to human blood and other potentially infectious materials until they have completed the initial training. Contact the Environmental Health and Safety Office (x2723) if assistance is needed.

Laboratory Safety Training

Lab Safety Training is held on every other Tuesday (some exceptions due to holidays) as part of the Health System Orientation. All sessions start promptly. All persons (faculty, staff and students) working in a laboratory must complete this course.

2014 Laboratory Safety Training Schedule
January 14 1 3 p.m. Building 20 Conference Room
February 11 1 3 p.m. Building 20 Conference Room
March 11 1 3 p.m. Building 20 Conference Room
April 8 1 3 p.m. Building 20 Conference Room
May 6 1 3 p.m. Building 20 Conference Room
June 17 1 3 p.m. Low Learning Center
July 15 1 3 p.m. Building 20 Conference Room
August 12 1 3 p.m. Building 20 Conference Room
September 9 1 3 p.m. Building 20 Conference Room
October 7 1 3 p.m. Building 20 Conference Room
November 18 1 3 p.m. Building 20 Conference Room
December 16 1 3 p.m. Building 20 Conference Room

Globally Harmonized System for Chemical Container Labeling

If you handle chemicals or administer drugs, a new OSHA regulation requires that you complete education on the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of chemical labeling and revised format of MSDS, now known as a Safety Data Sheet, by December 1, 2013. The Office of Research Safety is coordinating this effort. A schedule for October sessions is included below. Sessions for 2nd and 3rd shift and November will be published soon. All Research personnel must attend in-person. Clinical personnel in Pharmacy, Lab Medicine (main campus), as well as Facilities Department housekeepers and custodians, and Materials Management must attend in-person. Other clinical personnel and Facilities building trades will receive a SABA assignment or alternate education plan. Call x2723 for additional information.

*Please Note: No pre-registration is required.

Tuberculosis/TB Respirator Training and Fit Testing

1 Hour Session
Please call the Office of Research Safety (x2723) for individualized training.

Employees must have fully completed all requirements of this training prior to being allowed to enter a TB respiratory isolation room. New and existing employees identified as needing to enter a respiratory isolation room must complete this UConn Health Program. The requirements of the UConn Health's TB/Respirator Program involve employee training, medical evaluation and fit testing annually as mandated by OSHA. Training sessions are scheduled upon request.